Changing the Future of Energy

Changing the Future of Energy

Developing 100% clean energy at scale for NEOM and ultimately the entire planet. Via unrivalled wind and solar resources, and through the world's largest hydrogen plant, we will incubate and accelerate renewable solutions. Our goal is to move beyond zero carbon to a circular economy, using future thinking to drive the change.

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Hear from the experts

Expert Vishal Wanchoo

Peter Terium

CEO of ENOWA – NEOM's Energy & Water company

  • 01

    Could you map out where energy sits in the grand vision for NEOM and how integral it is to the success of the project?

  • 02

    What are the world firsts your team is working on?

  • 03

    NEOM is aiming for futurist solutions – would you be able to map out what that means and how it's possible?

  • 04

    Green hydrogen sounds like a huge challenge. In simple terms, could you explain what that will look like on the ground?

  • 05

    What new opportunities for growth are opened up by smart energy grids?

  • 06

    It is an admirable goal to move beyond zero carbon. Do you expect NEOM's innovative hybrid blueprint to be followed by other nations?

  • 07

    What is the timeline for the delivery of your energy goals and objectives?

  • 08

    What is the legacy you want to leave for future generations?


People with passion can change our world and create a better future. Let our two experts tell you how in this thought-provoking film.

our goals & objectives

  • 01

    Build an innovative carbon-free ecosystem with the help of a residential energy grid

    NEOM will build a self-contained, low-cost grid of renewable energy, integrated seamlessly into the architecture of the community. With the help of AI, residents will be able to return excess generation back to the grid, ensuring a sustainable cycle for all.

  • 02

    Create an optimized energy mix at costs well below global averages

    Powered by solar energy and thermal winds, NEOM will supply industries, businesses and residents alike with clean, cheap energy that boasts minimal emissions and optimal reliability.

  • 03

    Shape the next frontier of clean energy by investing in green hydrogen

    Solar and wind energy will not only provide sustainable energy on their own, but they’ll also offer a singular set of conditions for developing new clean technologies such as green hydrogen — perhaps the biggest driver for the future of global decarbonization.

  • 04

    Drive leading R&D and innovation in renewable energy

    By establishing an environment for innovation to thrive in, NEOM will become a world leader in clean energy-intensive industries, setting an example for how to treat and commercialize energy.



ENOWA is driven by a central philosophy to live in harmony with nature. We’re working with our surrounding environment to create a sustainable cycle, providing the resources to power a thriving, resilient economy. Our vision is being brought to life by some of the best minds in the world, pioneers in their respective fields, supported by the latest technology and innovation. It’s a journey we make collaboratively, as the challenges the world faces need global connectedness. We look forward to working with leaders around the world in the energy, hydrogen and water industries to drive innovation forward together.

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NEOM brings together experts from around the world to develop the first region powered, at-scale, by 100% clean energy.

  • Peter Terium

    Peter Terium

    CEO of ENOWA – NEOM's Energy & Water company

    With 18 years of experience in the energy industry, Peter Terium has been CEO of three different companies. He also founded Innogy – which became Germany’s most valuable energy company. Now he is building NEOM’s 100% renewable-energy system and managing its green-hydrogen expansion.

  • Jens Madrian

    Energy Executive Director

    Jens Madrian is responsible for developing an integrated market design powered by a technologically advanced, sustainable and cost-effective energy system. He previously held leadership roles at companies including RWE, Reactive Technologies and NPower.

  • Roland Kaeppner

    Hydrogen and Green Fuels Executive Director

    An advocate for a hydrogen economy, Roland Kaeppner leads all clean fuel initiatives at NEOM. He will be ensuring the region becomes the first to run on 100% renewable and sustainable energy, at scale. He was previously CEO of McPhy Energy Germany and Asia-Pacific.

  • Frank Brichau

    Energy, Customer and Digital Executive Director

    Frank Brichau is creating an efficient renewable energy distribution grid for the commercial and residential communities of NEOM. With more than two decades of industry experience and 13 years as logistics director at Shell, he strives to harness technology to drive energy systems innovation.

  • Andreas Stoerzel

    Corporate Development Executive Director

    Andreas Stoerzel oversees strategy, partnerships and key stakeholder relationships. After 20+ years at RWE Group, BP and Arthur D. Little he is now driving organizational excellence and corporate development at NEOM.

  • Thorsten Schwarz

    Energy and Power System Engineering Executive Director

    Thorsten Schwarz is developing an advanced, sustainable and reliable electric grid that integrates solar and wind energy at NEOM. With a career spanning more than 20 years, he previously worked at GE Grid Solutions and Prysmian Group.

  • Guillaume Baudet

    Finance Director

    In addition to providing financial guidance to NEOM sector heads, Guillaume Baudet is responsible for structuring the financial activities across sectors – including Energy. He brings to the table some 25 years of experience in finance and asset management.

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