Changing the Future of FOOD

Changing the Future of FOOD

Adopting limitless innovation to bring about plentiful supply for generations to come. Harnessing circular design, green energy and breakthrough technology to transcend the natural resources crunch. The future of food security tomorrow begins with the seeds of innovation today.

  • Climate-positive growing solutions

    Leading the world in

    Climate-positive growing solutions

  • Green energy & circular design

    Leading the world in

    Green energy & circular design

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Leading the world in

    Sustainable sourcing

  • Next-generation aquaculture

    Leading the world in

    Next-generation aquaculture

  • Breakthrough technologies & innovation

    Leading the world in

    Breakthrough technologies & innovation

  • Novel foods & plant-based alternatives

    Leading the world in

    Novel foods & plant-based alternatives

  • Legacy-free regulatory frameworks

    Leading the world in

    Legacy-free regulatory frameworks

  • Personalized nutrition

    Leading the world in

    Personalized nutrition

Hear from the experts

Dr Juan Carlos Motamayor

Head of Food

  • 01

    Could you map out where food sits in the grand vision for NEOM and how integral it is to the success of the project?

  • 02

    What are the world firsts your team is working on?

  • 03

    NEOM is aiming for food security and even plentiful supply – would you be able to map out what that means and how it's possible?

  • 04

    Next-generation versatile growing solutions sound like a huge challenge. In simple terms, could you explain what that will look like on the ground?

  • 05

    How will genomic intervention be utilized and what will it allow you to achieve?

  • 06

    What new opportunities for growth are opened up by circular design?

  • 07

    It is an admirable goal that plant-based alternatives will become the norm. Do you expect NEOM's innovative hybrid blueprint to be followed by other nations?

  • 08

    What is the timeline for the delivery of your food goals and objectives?

  • 09

    What is the legacy you want to leave for future generations?

  • 10

    Is there a popular misconception people have about NEOM?

  • 11

    How is daily life in the NEOM community right now?

  • 12

    For background, could you tell us more about your own profile and career?

  • 13

    The gravitational pull of NEOM as an undertaking is clear, but what was the clincher for you to join the project here in Saudi Arabia?


People with passion can change our world and create a better future. Let our two experts tell you how in this thought-provoking film.

Our goals & objectives

  • 01

    Preserve natural resources through state-of-the-art climate-proof agriculture

    NEOM will shift the paradigm of extraction-based agriculture. Through regenerative and technologically-advanced farming, we strive for a sustainable, climate change-proof, and profitable food system with minimal environmental impact.

  • 02

    Biodesign the aquaculture of the future on NEOM’s Red Sea coast

    Set along the Red Sea coast, NEOM will tap into cutting-edge biotechnology to promote responsible and sustainable aquafarming. Genomic intervention technologies in hatcheries will fast-track productivity while preserving the sea ecosystem.

  • 03

    Develop personalized and genomically-tailored nutrition plans

    NEOM will represent a virtuous circle, growing and farming nutrient-dense foods while, also, offering residents targeted nutritional services tailored to their genomic and microbiome data. This proactive approach to wellness will benefit public health, the economy, and the ecosystem.

  • 04

    Foster a shift to alternative proteins to create healthier and more sustainable eating habits

    Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy are key for NEOM’s food industry. Developing alternative proteins is the next step on the road to self-suffiiciency, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our initiatives:

Agri-FoodTech Accelerator

This groundbreaking program will help transform the future of food. A first of its kind in the GCC, the scheme propels start-ups into a vibrant ecosystem of corporates, investors and researchers. Through world-class mentorship, cutting-edge technology and sponsorship – NEOM is impacting the fields of climate-proof agriculture, sustainable aquaculture, personalized nutrition and beyond. It’s time to change the perception of food.

Our people

NEOM brings together international experts and leaders to develop world-class infrastructure, service facilities and a sustainable workforce for a flourishing food sector.

  • Juan Carlos Motamayor

    Dr Juan Carlos Motamayor

    Head of Food

    With 20 years of experience, Juan Carlos is leading NEOM’s innovative food sector. He has previously worked at companies such as Coca-Cola and Mars – in agriculture, aquaculture and sustainable business development roles; and worked as a scientific advisor for government and non-profit corporations.

  • Andrew Yip

    Dr Andrew Yip

    Technology & Innovation Senior Manager

    With NEOM since 2019, Dr Andrew Yip is focused on human-centric design. He oversees key areas such as digital infrastructure, data governance, innovation services and ecosystem building.

  • Anthony Arnott

    Food Investments Manager

    Drawing from his extensive consulting experience, Anthony Arnott is responsible for implementing NEOM’s food strategy. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc in international political economy from Nanyang Technology University.

  • Duncan Malyon

    Business Development Director

    Duncan Malyon is responsible for driving a more sustainable food industry for producers and the environment. Having held executive board-level roles at major international companies, he brings to the table a strong commercial background in food and consumer goods.

  • Flavio Alzueta Bosarich

    Head of Sustainable Food Supply & ESG

    Flavio Alzueta Bosarich oversees NEOM’s corporate sustainability strategy. In addition to an MBA from Madrid’s IE Business School, he has decades of leadership experience in the agri-food industry.

  • Ge Gao

    Dr Ge Gao

    Business Strategy Manager

    An early pioneer at NEOM, Ge Gao has helped shape the food strategy and key partnerships. With a PhD in Bioscience from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, she spearheads innovation by developing economically and environmentally sustainable agri-food systems.

  • George Harrigan

    Dr George G Harrigan

    Food and Functional Ingredients Manufacturing Senior Manager

    George G. Harrigan is responsible for food and functional ingredient manufacturing at NEOM. In addition to a PhD in Chemistry, he brings over 30 years of industry experience at global companies like Pfizer, Monsanto and Coca-Cola.

  • Ray Moule

    Agriculture Development Senior Manager

    Ray Moule develops long-term solutions for climate-proof agriculture, food production and distribution. Having spent the last 30 years championing change in the food and agriculture sector, he has unrivaled experience in the production, post-harvest and marketing industries.

  • Per Kaels

    Aquaculture Senior Manager

    With vast experience in the aquaculture and marine biotech industry, and with a strong business background, Per Kaels has started and led companies from greenfield to maturation. He previously worked at Genomar Genetics, Spring Genetics, The Orkla System, UNDP and Innovation Norway.

  • Dr Graeme Smith

    Personalized Nutrition Manager

    Graeme Smith has more than a decade of experience as a senior scientist – helping global brands to develop innovative personalized nutrition strategies, products & services. He has established himself as a thought leader, publishing comprehensive reviews in high-impact nutrition journals.

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