NEOM will build an integrated health, well-being and biotech ecosystem that goes above and beyond traditional medical care — an unparalleled end-to-end system entirely centred on the individual. With world-class treatment and inclusive care, NEOM will harness innovative technology, research and education to become a global benchmark in the field.

our goals & objectives

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    Provide a comprehensive experience throughout the entire care process

    In order to create the world’s healthiest place to live, NEOM's healthcare ecosystem will offer holistic patient care, with high-end technologies to ensure full integration between medical specializations and seamless access to patients' histories.

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    Support individual empowerment and proactive prevention

    Making primary care a priority, NEOM will give individuals the tools they need to take control over their own health and well-being. Put simply, it will reduce the need for urgent medical attention while ensuring easy access to first-rate medical treatment.

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    Design a digital-first ecosystem that’s available 24/7

    Powered by high-end technologies, NEOM envisions having always-on healthcare at your fingertips. The Dr. NEOM system will connect you to a virtual physician for real-time assessments while offering "digital twins" for residents to track their own health.

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    Spearhead genetics as the future of personalized care

    NEOM will invest in a new form of patient engagement. Driven by AI and data science, a high-end healthcare system will employ biotechnology such as genomics and genetics. Through detailed assessments and individual-centric journeys, NEOM will create an advanced model of care.

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NEOM Health and Well-Being will pioneer healthcare by implementing groundbreaking systems, regulations and infrastructure. NEOM's experts are at the forefront of the shift toward human-first medical treatment.

  • Jan Paterson

    Jan Paterson

    Health, Well-being and Biotech Sector Head

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